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The world is built on dreams

What would you think if we told you that there is a way to achieve any goal and that thousands of people have proven it throughout history?

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The Journey of Dreams Fulfilled

Our Signature Process for Achieving Personal and Professional Goals

Are you ready to create the life you love and start living it daily?

If so, Dreams Fulfilled Coaching is for you. The signature process is a toolbox of things that have proven successful over decades.  This program is everchanging as it is a culmination of formal education, personal journeys, experiences, and spiritual insights.

The information is not new; it wasn’t “Created” per se; it is just being packaged and shared to make the process much easier for those to follow.

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In 2011, Kedra Flowers, founded the Dreams Fulfilled Course (Now, The Journey to Dreams Fulfilled) to provide access for those she encountered to reach out and grab their dreams.  Sharing the basic principles and spiritual laws, she added her real experiences and those of many she’s coached to package a system that results in transformation and empowerment when applied.  It is simple, and it works.

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The proven model involves getting painfully clear on where you are now (Your “here”) and where you want to be (Your “There”). We understand that where a gap exists, it is almost always the result of blind spots invisible to you because of your emotional tie to the outcome. Therefore, we help you identify and overcome barriers that make you STOP on your journey from your “Here” and your “There”.

How is Dreams Fulfilled Coaching different from other coaching programs?

Dreams Fulfilled Coaching applies experiential learning to your life from where you are now and guides you much like auto-navigation to your desired goals. 

Some core beliefs form the basis of any of our programs:

  1. You have all that you need
  2. Provision follows action
  3. Everything is Possible
  4. If you can think of it, you can have it

Whole life coaching

With our help in personal development, the blind spots are transformed from invisible barriers into stepping stones getting you closer to your current goal.  The bonus win is that these newfound insights create transformation in every single area of your life and, I dare say, the lives of those around you.

Yes, it is that powerful.

And then we teach you how to be in control of the show and create success in your life–whatever success looks like for YOU. Through proven tools, education, and encouragement, we make sure you stay motivated and accountable for expanding your life. Our coaching sessions are helping with life skills and cultivating emotional balance.

Let’s take a quick look at the program.

7 Phases of the Journey to Dreams Fulfilled Program


Securing the Space (Mindset)

It all begins with creating a safe space in your mind to do the work. 

Then, by creating an environment of trust and cooperation, you can be free to share openly and release your most sacred dreams. Finally, this process typically culminates in releasing limiting beliefs that keep you from growth and abundance.


Defining your “Here” and your “There” (Clarity)

At this point, we are ready to determine where we want to be in life and start creating it.

  • What goals do you have for career, health, relationships, personal growth? 
  • What will it look like to achieve success in those areas of your life? 
  • What is your definition of success for those areas?

It’s time to get clear about what you want to create.  We guide you through clarifying what you want the outcome of the program to be and where you are today.  We support you in making your goal specific and measurable to help you assess your position along the way and the required next steps on your journey.


Assessing Agreements (Challenging Boundaries)

Next, we discuss what life agreements (or rules) you’ve been operating by and how they have worked for or against you. These rules or agreements are often inserted into our lives from childhood and follow us into our current circumstances; better yet, they produce your current circumstance.

We examine these with you alongside your “here” so YOU can assess whether they work for you or against you in getting to your “there.”

Keep in mind; It’s not about right or wrong; it’s about whether these move your closer to your own personal best life.

  • What Makes Us Stop?
  • What is in the space between “Here” and “There”?

As you can imagine, it’s different for everyone. However, there are some common pitfalls many people experience in this space that make them stop.  They pack their bags, leave their dreams, and continue settling for a life below their potential. 

In the Journey to Dreams Fulfilled, we review the common stopping points. 


Navigating the 5 C's

We call them the 5 Cs–creation, cash flow, confidence, confidants, and confirmation. 

We share our journey through them, and as participants hear stories from each other and coaches, it is not uncommon to identify their blind spots.  In these sessions come the greatest aha moments, and your life begins to shift majorly.

In the Journey to Dreams Fulfilled, we call getting stuck in your journey “Lost at C.” Together, we explore how the 5 Cs can help or hinder your journey.

We clarify and provide tools to help you navigate the Cs while keeping your attention focused on your journey.

The final C encompasses all the others and much, much more.

Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort you experience in the background when you know you’re not living your best life. It’s a feeling that comes up often when you are standing in the “Here” but wishing to be “There.”

You know you want to change–you even have a blueprint about how to change—but you can’t seem to get there. This discomfort or “dis-ease” creates an undercurrent of resistance to life.  We try to ignore it, but it doesn’t leave.  It’s just one of the side effects of living an unfulfilled life.   

Some people naturally move past it and use it to energize their forward progression.   But most people don’t. Instead, most people take it as a sign they should STOP– Stop moving, stay where they are, accept their circumstances and pray about it.  While praying is excellent, praying without action can be detrimental to your goals.

Calming cognitive dissonance is easier when you have the tools and understanding to move through the space between your “Here” and “There” with passion and grace. We do this by revisiting agreements, meditation, gratitude, and holding you accountable for your decisions and progress.


Creating Reality

As we work through the “Cs,” we set up a secure space. A place where creativity is everything. A place where you will get the tools, messages, motivation, confidence, and confirmation to move forward in your purpose and possibility.

In your new reality, you are there.

  • Your goals are met with velocity.
  • You control the show.
  • You use your power to make the changes you need proactively.
  • You see possibilities for what they are – unlimited and accessible to you.

And as you do the work, you’ll start noticing an improved mindset around relationships, career, health, and money. Your entire paradigm about creation and success shifts.

You change from the “waiting for” to the “creating for” mindset.



As you approach and reach “There,” it’s a pretty exciting time.

You’ve made it a long way. You invested in yourself through time, money, and effort. The help, resources, and guidance now have you enjoying the goals you once thought were out of reach.

We celebrate with you.



To whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48)

We believe that everyone has a greater purpose and a great way to show gratitude is to find a way to lighten the path for others to follow.

We work with you to connect your journey with your purpose so that you can get the greatest gift of all, which is a contribution to others.  It is the highest form of gratitude and provides access to reaching higher heights in your personal endeavors.

Is The Journey of Dreams Fulfilled Right for Me?

What else is out there for you?

Do you wonder what you're doing wrong or why things don't seem to go your way?

Are you looking for more freedom, love, prosperity, and expansion?

Dreams Fulfilled Coaching wants to help you!

Emotional Balance Coaching and Self-Esteem Coaching

We've Helped:

  • College graduates or young adults unsure of the next step in their lives
  • Individuals looking to improve their relationship with their self, partner, and others
  • Corporate employees dreading Mondays and their lack of freedom
  • Executives that seem to get passed up from the bigger promotions
  • Entrepreneur’s with great ideas, but things never seem to work out
  • Anyone with the desire to control the show of their lives.

Dreams Fulfilled Coaching humble beginnings started over ten years ago in a small non-profit facility. Through the years, working with thousands of clients, Kedra and her team have shaped and evolved the Dreams Fulfilled from a bullet list on a piece of paper to a full-blown process and successful business that’s changed countless lives.

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