About me

— Welcome, I'm Kedra Flowers

Why I created Dreams Fulfilled Coaching?

I believe that life is a shared experience.

Often people are experiencing pain and disease as a result of living within a self-created (or rather self-accepted) box. A box that has been established by default over generations and never challenged or even seen for what it is. They believe that this box is the be all and end all of their life…their possibility for happiness. But in actuality, the box is the exact opposite.

It is the very structure or illusion of structure that stifles their expression, their imagination and ultimately their joy.

My life has been an exercise in challenging the box (though sometimes in very painful ways). The journey in challenging the illusions and structures put in place took me on a journey through low self-esteem, shame, crisis, addiction, depression, anxiety, abuse, growth, trials, successes, failures, loss, wealth, etc, etc. You get the point.

It was quite a journey then and continues to be now.

Through it all, I learned that life is a journey that we are constantly creating in real-time. No commercials, no public broadcast breaks; it is running right now as we speak, LIVE and ON AIR.

I created the dreams fulfilled program to remove the lid, the bottom and the sides off the box and release myself and others to the world of Freedom that is the TRUTH of life.

Our Mission

Dreams Fulfilled Coaching Practice

Our mission is to improve the world, one person at a time, by establishing media that contributes positive energy, expansion, and guidance in life, business, and personal development. Our vision is to leave a positive footprint that impacts over 1 Billion people and 20 million families worldwide.

Dreams Come True!

Core Values of Dreams Fulfilled Coaching

Do It Now

Our commitment to our clients begin with our responsiveness to their needs. Our ability to take
action timely and with full integrity to our word and our offering sets the tone for the coach/client relationship moving forward.

Make the Connection

People connect with people. Be the person you’d like to connect with in every interaction, regardless of the circumstance. Remember, we are creating the interaction in real-time.

Be a Team Player

YOU ARE OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET.  Our connection is our greatest strength.

Be Positive

There is always a bright side and a brighter side.  Be that for our clients.

Be The Guide

To quote the marketing guru, Donald Miller:  In all good stories, there is a hero, a villain, and a guide. The story begins with the hero not feeling very heroic because of some threatening villain or circumstance.  Life is hitting them from all directions until they meet their guide.  Their guide introduces them to options they didn’t know were there, strengths that they saw as weaknesses.  It is finding these strengths that unleash the hero.  In our firm, it’s important that we be that supportive guide that leads the way to the life they want.

Be Resourceful

We pride ourselves on investing in the best in technology and cloud-based assets, but none of the systems will work without you.  It is the innovation and contribution from our team that makes Kedra A Flowers CPA PC the next level in tax resolution firms.  We hire the best and then give you the space to excel in your area of expertise.

Be Present

I believe being present starts and ends with taking care of yourself.  Not just financially, but mentally, spiritually, and socially.  Simply put, it means doing the things that make you feel complete and validated in your own personal development and journey.  When you are standing in that space, your presence is a gift to all you encounter with long-term results.

Are you ready to access freedom and peace of mind which will change your life and those you love?

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