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Creating a Morning Routine

Starting Your Day to Set Yourself Up for Success

The morning is a very special time for me. It’s MY quiet time of meditation and reflection. It grounds me for whatever may happen during the day.

Today I am going to walk you through my morning routine and show you how it creates a positive ripple throughout my whole day.

Before I fully wake up and my mind starts going, my morning routine allows me to set the speed and course for what is going to be my day.

Please remember this is just how I do things…Not how it should be for everyone. You can definitely take some of the ideas and try them. If they resonate with you…great.

Your morning routine is about getting yourself in the state and mindset to be your best self for the day.

My Morning Routine

My morning meditation reminders are on a little dresser in the corner of a room. I’ve had it since college. It’s got character…chipped paint, discolored spots, and dents.

Like me, the dresser is a little scarred…but still standing, doing its job, and living its purpose.

That’s why it’s still reminding me how important it is to start the day with my morning routine.

Starting the Day with Grace

The first thing I see when I come up to my dresser is a little sign that says “Grace”. It helps me put grace into the tangible. Seeing the sign infuses the idea of grace into my conscious and subconscious.

It reminds me there is nothing I can do to deserve what I’m going to have today.

My Daily Schedule

Next to my Grace sign is a framed list of words making up my daily schedule. Seeing these words each morning reminds me to be present throughout the day.

Let’s go over my list. I am going to group some of the words together because they often interrelate with each other.  

Wake & Health

If you don’t start the day with waking, well, the rest of your day is out the window.

Then, I like to do some quick things for my health like taking vitamins and supplements. There’s plenty of information about supplements out there, and it’s worth checking out how they can help your overall health and well-being.

Prayer, Gratitude & Love

Next, I spend some time in quiet prayer. I am not asking for things. It’s more like I am feeling blessed for the gifts I’ve been given and the start of a new day.

During my prayer time, I may also do some picking up around my place or a load of laundry. I want to make the space what it needs to be so I could move on to my other tasks without clutter and distractions.

For this time, It’s not what I do, but how I do it…It’s the mental space I am in when I’m doing it.

Consciously reflecting with gratitude and love. Using energy and spirit to bring what’s to come and what to put out.

Money & Time

Now that I feel aligned and grounded, it’s time to start taking care of some of the more practical stuff.

It starts by checking my bank accounts and making sure all finances are in order.

Then I go over my schedule for the day. Look at what appointments I have.

It’s the beginning of my workday and I’m sorting it out. I get a clear understanding of how the day is going to flow.

I’m ready.

Contacts, Business & Karmic Yoga

I begin by seeing who I need to call or message–either client-related or personal.

And sometimes it is a text or call to someone that popped into my head during my morning routine. Just a quick note like, “Hey you were on my mind this morning. Hope you’re doing well.”

Then it’s time to show up for work. I’ve been working from home since 2017. It works for me– especially since I’m not really patient with traffic and commuting. We all have our shadows.

During my work, and throughout the day, I make sure to practice Karmic Yoga.

Karmic Yoga is action without regard to outcome. Get an action, move, tap into people that could do parts of it. Do whatever I can with 100% presence.

Play & Sleep

By far, my favorite part of the day is play. Work is done. Create play every day!

Most days, when the weather cooperates, I love walking on the trails. Being out in nature is a great way to regroup and recharge–especially if I’ve been near a screen or office all day.

After play comes sleep. This is a process. I find that a sleep routine–like turning on some white noise well before bed–helps my mind and body to wind down. That way, when I finally get into bed, I’m ready to sleep.

And rest my mind and body for a new day.

Establish Your Routine and Start Noticing Changes

How do you start your day? What helps you feel grounded, grateful, and ready to take on whatever challenges come?

I’d love to hear some of the things you do to make your morning–and entire day–a chance to make dreams fulfilled.

Comment below or send me a message. We all need new ideas and inspiration. This is a great place to share!

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