thoughts are energy

Energy Attracts Like Kinds of Energy

We are all energy. Our thoughts are energy. What we put out is what we attract. 

If your state of being, thoughts, and desires are positive, that’s what you will attract. And you will get more positive coming to you. 

If the energy that you are or that you attach to is negative…you will attract more negative. You’ll surround yourself with people who have attached themselves to negative energy. 

Think of your brain like a computer. It has access to so many resources, but if you don’t download the programs you want to use…you’re not going to get what you want. You can’t get emails if you haven’t set up an account.  

If you’re not downloading positive beliefs into your mind…you’re not going to attract positive thoughts and energy from the Universe. It’s part of selective perception. 

You Have A Choice

Your perception affects how you feel about something and the outcomes. How you perceive it affects how you think about it and what it’s going to do.

Say you have a tree outside your house. It’s a nice big tree that gives you plenty of shade on sunny days. You look forward to seeing how it changes throughout the year. You can’t wait for the summer days when you could sit under the tree and watch the clouds pass.

On the same note, if you see that tree and think it’s way too big. That one of those huge branches is going to break off and go right through your roof. When you drive up to your house, all you think about is how you need to call someone to remove that tree. When you hear a storm is coming, you get chest pains worrying about the fate of that tree.

Do you see how that single tree can be viewed so differently?

It’s all about perception. 

For the latter example, the thoughts attached to the tree are negative and create fear.

Perception controls how you feel about people, jobs, stations of life, about everything we experience.  

It’s not the thing…it’s our perception of the thing that affects how we feel about it, think about it, and react to it. 

Your World Begins with the Thoughts You Attach To

Your beliefs affect the thoughts you grab onto. If you believe you will be successful in your career, then you won’t attach to thoughts of self-doubt or failure as they pass through you.

So how do the thoughts pass through you anyway? 

You’ve heard them somewhere before. Something someone said, you read, saw on social media or television, etc. Your ears hear everything, even if you didn’t notice it at the time. But it pops back up as a thought later. You may not even remember where you heard it.

Thoughts are living things. They don’t go away. That is why we have to be careful who we converse with and what they are saying.


When you speak, you are taking something that does not exist and making it a reality. Once you attach to that thought, own it, and speak it out of your mouth. It becomes real. You’ve brought that reality into your life and everyone around you. 

Once you speak it, it goes into anyone’s mind that is nearby. And when something triggers that thought, it will float up as a thought in their mind. They think it is their thought, but it is something you injected into their mind.

It’s quite a responsibility, especially if you have children.

Reject Thoughts that Aren’t Serving You

Be careful what you let people inject into your spirit. Call out negative thoughts. It’s not enough to just walk away, because they have released that poison into your system. 

Call it out. Stop that thought. Reject the thought. Say you don’t believe it. Ask for it to be said in a positive way.

Remember, a thought is energy. The way something is said determines its energy and how it’s coming into your being. 

Reject thoughts. Once you reject a thought…it is gone. Your soul is going to recognize that as a rejected thought. Your soul will not internalize it. It will be a foreign thought. 

Understanding how thoughts work is such an important concept for you to internalize and start living with today. It will take some practice, but the difference it’s going to make will be a life-changer.

Get Help Making the Changes to Fulfill Your Dreams

Let’s face it, we all need a little help on our journey. And that’s okay. Once we surround ourselves with positive people that are uplifting and dedicated to progress, our energy shifts. We start becoming what we dreamed we could be.

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