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A while back I was talking to my sister on the phone. We were discussing, of all things, motorcycles. She was into a specific type of motorcycle at the time…the Honda Shadow.  

As we talked, we looked up more information on the Shadow. We priced it out, saw where it was available, and made a plan to check it out at a specific dealership.

Before going to the dealership, we went out to lunch. As my sister was checking her phone, she noticed an ad pop up for the dealership we were about to visit. 

We both had a laugh about it…even though it was a little bit spooky.

And, of course, it was just internet marketing doing its best to show her products and services she may be interested in.

But…it’s also how the universe works.

What You Focus on Expands

Let’s consider my sister and I were having lunch and saw a Honda Shadow pull into a parking space outside our window? 

Internet marketing can’t make that happen…at least not yet.

Does that mean the universe is throwing a bunch of Honda Shadows our way?

No, not exactly. It means our perception has changed. The motorcycle is on our radar now, so we began noticing it. 

That same motorcycle could have parked there 100 times before while we were out to lunch. We just didn’t notice it because we didn’t have our focus on it.

The phenomenon that brings these to our attention is called “selective perception”.

Why We Need Selective Perception

Every day, we are exposed to a tremendous amount of sensory information. 

We physically hear everything within our ears’ range. 

We physically see everything within our visual range. 

But if our brains perceived all this information and presented it to our conscious…we’d go crazy. 

It’s too much!

Instead, the brain brings to our attention things we want to focus on.

So I’m essence, we are actually “seeing” and “hearing” with our brains.

Imagine I walk into the mall. As I enter through the doors and see that wide-open corridor, my brain perceives the mall as one big image.

But there are countless details my eyes, ears, and other senses are taking in that my brain is filtering out. The other people in the mall, what they’re wearing, what they’re saying. All the items on the shelves of the different stores in my visual. Everything written on signs, on people’s t-shirts and so on…there’s so much!

This time entering the mall, however, I was feeling good about myself.  I’m young, single and ready to mingle. 

So instead of noticing a pink sweater–and all the other things–I would never buy, my attention fell upon a handsome man. 

My perception aligned with my focus.

Focus on Your Dreams

The energy you put into focusing and visualizing what you want out of life will come back to you. 

Your perception changes. You start noticing new opportunities.

And you start seeing results [Read: THE TRUTH ABOUT MANIFESTING POST].

Live Your Dreams

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