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Move Toward Your Dream Through an Experiential Evening

Dreams are the fuel of successful projects—of a successful life. Recovering our deepest desires is a powerful motivation and an act of justice toward ourselves!

In the course of our lives, we bury many dreams under obligations: the dreaded “reality of maturity.” For a child, the future with its almost infinite horizon of possibilities is narrowed until it becomes a one-way street. Phrases like “what can you do” or “that’s life” certify the end of our illusions as we transition to a world of predictable certainties. But is that the kind of existence you want to live?

Dream Fulfilled Coaching invites participants to rescue the dreams they had left behind. If you’re one of those people whose dreams have an active place in their adult lives, join the event and feel like yourselves again.

As they say, dream big, and don’t let your assumptions and fears make you lose sight of dreams. History is filled with examples of people who succeeded in achieving their supposedly unattainable dreams. Instead of breaking down and lamenting their bad luck along the way, they made sure to do something concrete every day to fulfill those dreams.

Something like this happens with the great goals you had as a child that seem naive as an adult. They are of such magnitude that you label them “impossible.” However, someone does end up being an astronaut or directing the Berlin Philharmonic.

Dreams Fulfilled Coaching believes that every individual carries within them a force made of shadows and lights, an inspiration and an impulse that guides them, a creative power. Their event aims to be of help in revealing the treasures within you.

Dreams Fulfilled Coaching’s mission is to detect and eliminate the walls that you put around yourself so that your dreams can be realized. Failing in the past, being concerned about others’ opinions, thinking that you’re incapable of achieving big dreams—these are preconceptions that stop you from trying.

With their event, Dreams Fulfilled Coaching hopes to illuminate your hearts so that you dedicate yourself to the task of achieving your dreams!

Kedra Flowers founded Dreams Fulfilled Coaching to accompany people on their path of transformation through techniques and tools of personal growth that enable them to fulfill their goals, achieve their dreams, and live the lives they want. Do not miss the Dreams Fulfilled event on Saturday, December 11, 2021, for an interactive and experiential format.

An inspiring event that will allow you to dive into your dreams, dream life, or dream job, the Dream Fulfilled Event will assist you to

  • Discover what makes you vibrate and invent the life or job of your dreams in the first step.
  • Move forward toward your dream in a masterclass full of advice.

The link to the Dreams Fulfilled Event: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0lf-msrTouH9KT28Biy9NbxmC-9CS8-H0s. You have the chance to realize what you really want, formalize it, share it, and live it—and the event is FREE until November 30th!

For more information, visit https://dreamsfulfilledcoaching.com/.

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