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Results: The Truth About Manifesting

The energy we put into our lives creates the results and consequences we live with every day. 

What you put in is what is going to come out. What you sow you will reap.

It’s an immutable law. You can’t change it. 

Universal Laws were created and given ultimate power. You may choose not to believe them.

Nevertheless, they remain consistent and constant. 

Think of the law of gravity. What comes up must come down. You can choose not to believe it. You can resist it with every ounce of your being. 

You can climb to the highest rooftop and renounce gravity to all the world as you run toward the edge.   

So what’s going to happen when you step off that roof?

Are you going to go up? Glide around? Keep walking?

If I were a gambler, I’d bet you would hit the ground. Because that’s the law of gravity. 

Just like the law of gravity, there are other laws that operate similarly behind the curtain.  Invisible to us on a daily basis but ever-present and fully active in our results.

The Laws of the Universe can be used for our benefit or for our detriment.  We make that choice.  Either way, they have a direct impact on what we manifest in our lives. 

Here’s how to make it happen.

The Results Cone

How do we live a life of dreams fulfilled? The Results Cone puts it in perspective.

Let’s take a closer look at how results happen. 

Beliefs and Thoughts

At the bottom of the cone, we have beliefs and thoughts.

What we believe causes us to latch onto thoughts that reinforce these beliefs.

If we struggle with confidence or self-sabotage…we attach to thoughts that strengthen these beliefs.

If we believe we can achieve our dreams…we embrace thoughts that support our journey forward. 


Actions are the next level of the results cone. These are steps we do in reaction to our thoughts and beliefs. Something comes to mind, it resonates with your beliefs, and you act on it. 

For example, say you want to lose weight. You believe not eating carbs is the best way to lose weight. 

Thoughts pass through your mind that eating fewer carbs and meat can help you lose weight. You believe, from experience, that eating meat doesn’t really impact your weight. It’s the carbs and sugars that give you trouble. 

So you attach to thoughts about reducing carbs and dismiss thoughts about not eating meat.

You continue to enjoy meat while limiting your carbs. You start to notice results! 


The top part of the Results Cone is the results. It’s the widest part of the cone. There’s no top to it.  


Results are unlimited. They go into infinity. You have the potential to create all the results you want to see in your life.

Establishing beliefs, attaching to thoughts that support them, and moving forward with action creates all of the results in your life.

It’s simple…but it’s not easy.

This goes into the results coaching that I do. All I am doing is teaching you some basic laws and then holding you accountable to use these laws to get the results you want.

Results are outcomes. What you put in is what’s going to come out. What you put out there, take action on, allow into your space–all of these things create the results.

I don’t control that. That’s controlled by the Universe…It’s going to happen. 

If there is an area of your life you don’t like or doesn’t feel complete, it starts with looking at your thoughts and beliefs and how you take action on them.

Take the weight loss example. You believe in limiting carbs. You think about passing up on dessert or a couple of extra cookies. And you take action on the thoughts. Sure, not all the time–maybe five days a week.

The results start happening. You feel better. You’re noticing some of that extra weight going away. You continue to take action to get more results. 

What You Put Out Will Come Back

Here is what you need to know…

Everything we put out goes back to the Universe. Into the big mass of energy we know as God–or Source–from which we all come.

And if we all come from that Source–if it’s the beginning and the end–then everything within it is just reflecting. Energy bouncing around in that same big mass.

When we put those actions, words, and energy in motion out there…It’s going to bounce back to us. That’s Karma. 

Karma is powerful. Be cautious and conscious of what you put out there. Keep it positive.

After all, the energy we release also affects the lives of others, the environment, and nature. Our loved ones and acquaintances will pick up on the energy. 

Ever walk into a room after a big argument? The room just doesn’t feel right…there is a lingering uneasiness.   

What we’re broadcasting, even if no one else sees it, will come back to us. God sees it. It comes back to us. 

We get to choose our life. We choose the experiences we want to have. If it’s happening, it’s God’s will–the will of Source. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be happening. Good or bad…it wouldn’t be happening. 

Live a Life of Dreams Fulfilled

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