The Language of the Universe

In my previous blog, I talked about the Law of Attraction and manifesting what you want the Universe to provide to fulfill your dreams. This post will take it a step further because you need to know how the Universe interprets your intentions. 

When you set your intentions using the language of the Universe, magical things happen. But you have to understand how to do it right. 

Today we’re going to talk about a common mistake many people make when setting intentions. Then you will see how a simple shift in how to speak your desires can open the doors to the gifts of the Universe.

Speaking Creates Reality

When you speak something, it becomes real. Speaking turns the intangible into tangible.

Once you speak it, the Universe gives you what you ask for. It is going to honor your intentions.

But the language of the Universe is unique–it’s not like talking to your partner or one of your girlfriends.

The way you say things matters. To be clear..it REALLY matters.

If you are sending out negative intentions–not necessarily on purpose, but by your own implications—you may just create what you DON’T want.  

For example, saying, “things never go my way” under your breath; creates a very different result than “I know it all works out for me in the end”.   The latter brings —- “things working out” to you where the former pushes what you want away.

Does it sound a little confusing? Let’s look at a quick example…

“I don’t want a tall man.”

Say you are single and looking for Mr. Right. But you don’t want him to be tall. You just don’t like tall men.

One night you are out with your girlfriends. They point out an attractive man. You take a look. Too tall… “I don’t want a tall man. I don’t like tall men,” You tell them.

Later you are on the phone with your sister. You say, “I’m so lonely, why can’t I just find a man that is not so tall.”

And while saying your evening prayers, you mention, “…oh, and just let me find a man that I can love…but I don’t want a tall man.”

But it seems like the only single men you meet are tall.


Every time you repeat the phrase, I don’t want, you are drawing it back to you. When you focus your energy on not wanting something. You are attracting more of the don’t want

If you keep talking about not wanting something.. You’re telling the Universe the “don’t want” is what you want to experience.

What we speak comes to be.

So always being in a state of don’t want…that’s what you’re going to get…more don’t wants.

You’re attracting more don’t wants so you can keep saying you “DON’T WANT IT.”

Speak What You Want

This is so important. Speak what you want. Speak love, light and energy into what you want. 

(Ooooh, just writing that feels fulfilling😊).

Pay attention to what you are saying and how you’re saying it. 

Break the habit of saying, “I don’t want…”

And it’s not just “don’t want.” 

If you’re saying, “I’m always broke” or “I’m always lonely”–What results will you see?

More of the same.

Move Forward with Positive Intentions 

Now if you have not been intentional or mindful of the things you’ve been putting into the Universe, you might wonder how your words created reality.

Start by taking a look at your results. 

Look at what you have in your life right now.  Take a five-minute inventory, and write what comes to mind in your journal. 

This is what you are putting out to the Universe.  

Now back up. What are you saying to create your reality? What are the thoughts and beliefs you have about fulfilling your dreams?

If you want to change directions, you need to be clear on your thoughts, beliefs, and words you use when talking to the Universe and others. 

Once you understand this, you shift your energy and vibration. You can go from experiencing what you don’t want to create a life filled with possibilities.

Use the Language of the Universe and get the results you want. The Universe and mind work together in a profound way. 

Unsure About How You’re Addressing the Universe?

We get so caught up in our lives–our daily obligations, the stories we tell ourselves, the “Cs” holding us back from living our dreams. 

Stop doing the same and hoping for different results. Dreams Fulfilled Coaching wants you to break through the box you’ve created for your reality and start making your biggest dreams come true.

It’s time to start your success story. See how we can help.

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